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Mr. Collin has represented individuals in over 1,000 divorce related matters and his expertise can help you through this emotional time.

Child support is a mathematical formula which is governed by Fla. Stat. 61.30. Fla. Stat. 61.30 considers several factors, including but not limited to, both parties incomes, amount of time spent with the children, the cost of health insurance and day care for the child(ren).

Even though the escalated costs of child support may try to be avoided, child support can not be waived because it belongs to the child. Therefore, it is both parties' obligation to support the children after a divorce.


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There are several factors which may increase or decrease the amount of child support that a party may receive. The family lawyers at Lyons, Snyder & Collin, P.A. are knowledgeable regarding all of these tactics and are able to effectively advocate on your behalf in order to obtain the best possible result for you and your children.

Do not roll the dice with an attorney who does not specialize in family law ... you need a top family law attorney aggressively fighting for your rights.

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