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After a car accident, should I speak with the at-fault’s insurance company?

Courtney Photo By Courtney Steiger Posted in Personal Injury

As a personal injury attorney in South Florida, I am routinely advised by individuals who were recently involved in a car accident that the at-fault’s insurance adjuster contacted them to discuss their claim and what obligation do they have to speak with them? You as an injured party have absolutely NO obligation to speak with […]

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Slip and Fall Accidents: Don’t Let Evidence Disappear, Be Proactive

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As a Broward County personal injury lawyer, I frequently receive inquiries from potential clients and referring attorneys concerning slip and fall accidents. The most important advice I can give victims of slip and fall accidents is not to let evidence disappear – be proactive! What constitutes a slip and fall accident? A slip and fall […]

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Parkland Divorce Attorney

Courtney Photo By Courtney Steiger Posted in Divorce, Family Law

When hiring a divorce attorney – especially in cases with minor children –one of the most important considerations are whether the attorney is familiar with “what is important in your specific and unique case”. If you reside in Parkland, Florida why hire a divorce attorney who resides in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami? If […]

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Diversionary Programs for Nova Southeastern University Students

Courtney Photo By Courtney Steiger Posted in Criminal Defense, Criminal Law

As a criminal defense attorney in Plantation, I represent a large number of undergraduate and graduate students from Nova Southeastern University arrested for criminal offenses ranging from possession of a controlled substance (i.e. marijuana or cocaine), driving while under the influence (DUI), criminal mischief, underage drinking, disorderly conduct and theft. Nova Southeastern University is located […]

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